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Product specification of new-type gasoline antiknock

Corporate News
2018/09/05 10:28
With the development of economy, environment is getting worse and public environment consciousness is continuously strengthening. Due to this, a large number of policies and regulations are put forwar


With the development of economy, environment is getting worse and public environment consciousness is continuously strengthening. Due to this, a large number of policies and regulations are put forward to strictly control exhaust emission of internal combustion engine. The factors affecting exhaust emission include quality and maintenance of the cars, traffic conditions and fuel quality, which involves auto and oil refining industry. High requirements are put forward for auto manufacturing technology and fuel quality for car use.

The quality of gasoline can affect energy saving and pollutant emissions of cars. The method to improve the quality of gasoline can be realized through developing catalytic reforming and aromatization technology and process of etherification, alkylation and isomerization to adjust composition of gasoline, which can add the gasoline octane number improver, commonly known as antiknock additives, etc..

Common metal antiknock additives include: lead tetraethyl, methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl NA, cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl and ferrocene, etc.. Lead tetraethyl is additive in gasoline antiknock and high-octane widely used at past. With the damage to environment gradually recognized by people, at present, leaded gasoline is prohibited to use in most countries. Adding methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl NA and cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl and ferrocene in gasoline will increase hydrocarbon emission and bring other side effects, such as spark plug blocking, valve burning and exhaust gasoline denitration catalyst blocking and others, so in our country, ferrocene is forbidden to add, methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl NA is limited to add in Ⅳ national standard forbidden to add in Ⅴ national standard.

Common non-metallic antiknock additives include MTBE, organic ester, anilines and alcohols, but alcohols, sec-butyl acetate, dimethyl carbonate and tertiary butyl alcohol are forbidden to add as per enterprise standard of Sinopec.

Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE), with melting point of -109 ℃, boiling point of 55.2℃, is colorless, transparent, high-octane of liquid, having ether sample smell, which is ideal blending component producing lead-free, high-octane and oxygenated gasoline, and it is widely used in the world as gasoline additive. It can not only improve the gasoline octane number, but improve performance, reduce the CO content in exhaust and reduce gasoline production costs. In addition, MTBE is a kind of important chemical raw material, which can be prepared high purity isobutene through splitting decomposition. The oxygen content of MTBE is 18.2% of organic ethers. Its steam is heavier than air, can spread along the ground, be capable to burn when coexisting with strong oxidizer. The purity of MTBE is about 97%~99.5% with molecular formula of CH3OC(CH3)3.

MTBE is a kind of high-octane gasoline components, its basic octane number RON is 118, MON is 100. It is excellent high-octane gasoline additives and antiknock. MTBE and gas can be mutual soluble in arbitrary proportion and not appear stratification, having the good effect when reconciling with gasoline components with the value of octane number higher than its net octane number. Because chemical oxygen of MTBE is lower than that of methyl alcohol, using warm-up and fuel saving, low latent heat of evaporation, which is benefit for cold start. Oxygen content of MTBE is respectively high, which can significantly improve vehicle emissions. Car is added MTBE through gasoline making gasoline burning more completely in air cylinder. Automobile exhaust contains no lead, carbon monoxide emission is decreased 30% which can pay active role on purifying the air in cities and protecting human health. MTBE, as octane number improver of gas, can increase octane number after adding gasoline, also can make more low octane number of light gasoline to be reconciled gasoline to reduce cost of gasoline produce.   Compared with ethanol, global auto manufacturers prefer to use MTBE as gasoline additive, which is because bioethanol has impurity, ethanol in gasoline can sometimes destroy the fuel system. But if proportion of added MTBE is not controlled, making theory equivalent air-fuel ratio exceed adjustable range of adaptive capacity of closed-loop control engine electronic control unit, closed-loop control will be disturbed due to oxygen enrichment, so as to lead conversion efficiency of three-way catalytic converter dropping. The research of a research institute in Japan shows that in case content of MTBE in gasoline is over 7%, nitrogen oxides in auto emissions will increase.

In resent years, use of MTBE has been disputing. Studies have found that MTBE may pollute the underground water, so MTBE is forbidden to use after approved by California and other places. Because MTBE is found in underground drinking water in more amount in America, some states will ban the use of MTBE as a possible carcinogen.

The more the addition of MTBE in car gasoline, the larger the extent improving octane number, but when the addition of MTBE is more than 7%, nitric oxide in vehicle emissions will add. The gasoline for car use GB17930-2006 limits oxygen content is not more than 2.7%. When the addition of MTBE in car use is 7%, octane number is about 3 units, which cannot solve the problem that insufficient octane number of car gasoline in domestic small and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises, and the problem can not be marketed.

New-type gasoline antiknock is studied and prepared by Jinan Verve Amidst New Material Co., LTD., Dongying Huazhi Chemical Materials co., LTD., Shandong Sciences Research Academy Group through two years, which is economic and environmental. The additive is very good gasoline antiknock. The product is made by nitrocompound through addition reaction and denitrification, containing C,H,O element, without metal and amine compounds, etc, which has no harmful influence to human and environment. New-type gasoline antiknock is added into gasoline as per certain proportion, which can improve research octane number and motor octane number of gasoline. The product can not only meet the requirement of GB17930-2013 new standard, but meet China petrochemical enterprise standards, optimizing physical and chemical indicators of gasoline, and the quality is stable, possessing good economic and social efficiency.

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