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Diesel oil cetane number improver (2-ethylhexyl nitrate)

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Product introduction

Cetane number is an important index to indicate the spontaneous combustion of diesel oil in diesel engine. It has a great influence on cold start, exhaust emissions, combustion noise and other performance of diesel engine. According to the existing crude oil processing technology, the cetane number of straight-run diesel is generally greater than 50, which can meet the needs of high-speed diesel engine for combustion performance. With the increase in demand for diesel oil, the number of catalytic diesel and coker diesel increased. The sixteen alkane value of catalytic diesel and coker diesel is low, generally 30-40, and the combustion performance is poor. In order to improve the quality of diesel oil, petrochemical enterprises usually adopt adjusting processing technology or blending high cetane number diesel oil to improve the cetane number of diesel oil. By adjusting the processing technology, the cost is higher, the cetane number improver added to diesel oil can increase the cetane number of diesel oil with low cost and simple process, which brings considerable economic benefits for petrochemical enterprises.


Main mechanism and performance

The combustion process of diesel in diesel engine is a short and complicated physical and chemical process, which is divided into four stages: ignition delay, rapid ignition, retardation and supplementary ignition. The mechanism of the sixteen alkane improver is to shorten the ignition delay period of diesel fuel. The cetane number improver of diesel oil provides free radical compounds during the combustion of diesel oil. These free radical compounds participate in the oxidation and decomposition of diesel oil. The oxidation chain reaction initiated by free radicals can greatly reduce the spontaneous combustion activation energy of diesel oil, shorten the ignition delay period, improve the spontaneous combustion of diesel oil in diesel engine, improve the cold start-up performance of the engine, and reduce combustion noise and pollution emissions. The main component of cetane number improver produced by our company is alkyl nitrate, which is used to improve the cetane number of diesel oil. The technology is advanced, the quality is stable, and the effect is obvious.

Diesel oil cetane number improver (2-ethylhexyl nitrate)

Chemical name: 2-ethylhexyl nitrate(2-EHN) CAS: 27247-96-7

Chemical formula: C8H17ONO3 Molecular weight: 175.288

Executive standard SH/T0597-94



Quality index


colourless or light yellow transparent liquid

purity%m/m  ≥




flash pointclosed cup),oC




chroma, point  ≤







Performance and application

It could improve 2-9 units of cetane if 0.05-0.3% of product was added in the low-light diesel cetane. Otherwise, it could improve the combustion characteristics of diesel, shorten the ignition time and lower the burning point. The product could improve thermal condition power of the locomotive and the fuel-saving effect was very obvious.



The product should be used according to the standard of flammable and toxic chemicals. Ventilation should be paid attention to and the product was forbidden to touch mouth and eyes. Labor protection should be worn when operating manually. The copper (lead) wrench should be used rather than iron one when opening the barrelhead.


Package and store

200L iron drum packaging. Transportation and storage should conduct according to standard of toxic and flammable chemicals. seal up and keep away from fire and collision.

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