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Gasoline and diesel oil antistatic agent

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One, product introduction

As oil Ⅲ standard execution, after the oil hydrotreating processing, as a general rule, be low (< 500 parts per million (PPM) and ultra low sulfur (< 50 parts per million (PPM), in addition to the fuel in the process of natural electrical conductivity resulting in low conductivity. In the production, storage, loading and unloading, and the process of use, and storage container or oil pipe wall friction between susceptible to dangerous electrostatic, accumulated to a certain extent will produce spark, ignite an explosion caused by explosive mixture, fire, a major disasters. The effective way to solve this problem is to use fuel antistatic agent. The antistatic agent of gasoline and diesel is divided into the gray antistatic agent and the polysulfone/polyamine antistatic agent containing metal salts, and the grey antistatic agent has been gradually eliminated.

The polysulfone/polyamine antistatic agent mainly USES the interaction between the polar groups and the charge in the molecule to suppress and leak the charge, thus increasing the conductivity of the fuel.

China's national standard gb650-2001 for the safe and static conductivity of light oil products should be more than 50 pS/m for gasoline, kerosene and diesel safety.

ASA diesel antistatic agent does not contain any metal components and can be burned with gasoline in the engine without causing damage to the engine. The antistatic effect of ASA diesel antistatic agent is very obvious, and the fuel oil after adding antistatic agent increases with the increase of storage time. Add 3-10ppm to the gasoline and diesel fuel to meet the requirements (the increase value of fuel conductivity is greater than 300pS/m), and other indicators meet sinopec enterprise standard Q/ sh0200-2008.


Two, performance indicators



technical index

experimental method.


light yellow to amber liquid


Density (20 ℃) g/c



Viscosity (20 ℃,CST)

not more than 100


Flash point ℃

no less than 20





Mechanical impurities




Three, main function

1. Soluble in fuel oil, suitable for naphtha, gasoline, diesel, heavy diesel, kerosene, paint, paint, etc.

2. With small dosage and quick reaction, the electric conductivity of fuel can be improved rapidly.

3. Oil products can be compatible with other commonly used oil additives and do not affect their performance indicators.


Four, add quantity

Dosage: the recommended dosage is 1ppm ~ 5ppm.


Five, use the method

1. Add the oil directly or dilute and mix well. Since the dosage is small, it is generally used to dilute the oil to 1% before adding it to the oil.

2. Use the metering pump to inject into the finished tank through the static mixer.

3. When the tanker is transported, the oil should be added to the oil car at a certain proportion, and then the oil will be loaded.

4. Due to the first addition of antistatic agent, the container will be adsorbed, and the amount should be increased appropriately.


Six, product sensitivity

Generally, fresh diesel oil has better sensitivity, and long-term storage of oil is less sensitive. In diesel oil, 2ppm of ASA antistatic agent is generally added. The electric conductivity of diesel can be increased by 300 pS/m, and an ASA antistatic agent of 0.5~2ppm can be added in gasoline. The conductivity can be increased not less than 500 pS/m.


Seven, packaging, storage

1. 25L drum package, net weight of 20kg;

2. Can be packed according to user's needs;

3. Store in cool storage, avoid sun and rain;

4. Avoid violent collision and collision during transportation;

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