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Diesel cetane improver (HZHX-2018)

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One, foreword

Cetane Number (CN) is an important index used to measure the performance of diesel fuel and is one of the five important properties of diesel oil. In order to protect the atmospheric environment on which human beings live, and to realize the strategy of sustainable development of society, strict requirements are put forward for diesel exhaust emission. Diesel with a high cetane number is significantly lower than the low-cetane diesel.

With the continuous increase of the harmonic ratio of the catalytic cracking diesel with low cetane number and the instability of crude oil quality, the cetane number of diesel oil has a tendency to decrease. The current diesel standard has higher requirements for the diesel hexadecane. The United States stipulates that the cetane number of diesel is not less than 50, the Japanese rule is not less than 50, and the European regulation is not less than 51. The diesel fuel standard in our country is not less than 49. Because our country crude oil are paraffin base crude oil, produced by straight run diesel cetane number is generally in 50 ~ 70, the production of light diesel oil cetane value, there is no problem, but the intermediate base crude oil production of straight run diesel, especially in heavy oil catalytic cracking diesel oil, low cetane number, only 30 ~ 40. With the continuous expansion of China's heavy oil catalytic processing scale, the increasing proportion of catalytic diesel will inevitably lead to the decrease of the total diesel cetane number. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to raise the diesel fuel cetane number.

There are three ways to improve the cetane number:

(1) the low cetane number is used for diesel and rectified diesel, but the production of direct distillation diesel is limited.

(2) the solvent extraction and hydrogenation method can improve the cetane number of diesel fuel, but it is expensive and costly.

(3) add cetane number improver, which has the advantages of low cost and simple process.

Adding cetane number improver in diesel fuel is an effective and simple method to improve the cetane number and solve the above problems. Therefore, the development of a new type of diesel fuel cetane improver is of great significance.

Hzhx-2018 diesel hexadecane value improver is an active joint research conducted by dongying huoxue chemical new materials co., ltd. and university of petroleum university, in line with the principle of transformation, absorption and complementary advantages. To make full use of petroleum university academic research level is high, for all kinds of many advantages, such as cetane number additives research studied other nitrogen class: (nitro olefins, nitrous acid ester, pile of nitrogen compounds, nitrogen compounds, etc.), oxygen, metal organic compounds, etc.; And determine the research my company is new type of environmental protection and efficient diesel fuel cetane number improver (the product of oxygen compound agent), the product can significantly improve diesel cetane number, has the good economic efficiency, view the related literature has more extensive application abroad, product quality is stable.


Second, the application of HZHX-2018 diesel cetane improver meaning

Although the use of nitrate cetane improvers can improve the cetane number of diesel fuels, this results in relatively high NOx emissions. These NOx and photocatalytic reactions of hydrocarbons under light irradiation produce photochemical reactions. Smoke causes environmental pollution. The HZHX-2018 diesel cetane number only consists of three elements: C, H, and O. Its own combustion products are only CO2 and H2O. While increasing the cetane number, diesel combustion can be promoted, and particulate emissions can be reduced, which is in line with the requirements and development trend of environmentally friendly products. In the future, diesel will develop toward high cetane number, low density, low aromatic content and low sulfur content. The HSTEX-2018 diesel cetane number is in line with this trend.

Third, HZHX-2018 diesel cetane number physical and chemical indicators and susceptibility

3.1 Physical and chemical indicators



Product index

criterion of detection


Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid


Solubility (diesel)



Density 20°Cg/cm3





GB/T 6283-2008

Flash point (closed)°C





GB 19147-2016 Appendix B


3.2 sensitivity of HZHX-2018 diesel cetane improver.

The same in the same proportion of cetane number improver are added to the structure of different diesel, the cetane number of diesel in the improvement effect is different, this is the feeling of of cetane number improver. Take the following table for example.

Figure 2

refinery name cetane

cetane number is base value

 Addition of cetane improver (mass fraction)

Cetane value added.













Can be seen from table 2, the new diesel fuel cetane number improver in different catalytic diesel oil to improve the effect of diesel fuel cetane number is different, different catalytic diesel oil for new feelings of cetane number improver are different. This is because of the different content of alkanes, cyclones and aromatics in diesel. The decomposition products of the new diesel cetane improver are oxygen free radicals, which have a strong affinity for electrons, which is very electrophilic. In the process of reacting with hydrocarbons, they mainly attack hydrocarbons that are high in electron density, such as aromatic compounds. Therefore, in diesel with low cetane value, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons is much higher, and the effect of new diesel cetane improver is better. For example, in wuhan catalytic diesel, the content of aromatic hydrocarbon is 71.8% and the cetane number increases greatly. However, the diesel with high cetane value has less aromatic content and the effect of the new diesel cetane improver is less. For example, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons in yanshan catalytic diesel is 51.8%, and the increase of cetane number is only one unit. The effect of the new type of diesel cetane improver is good when the content of aromatic hydrocarbon in diesel is high and the content of alkane is low.


Fourth. Product features of hzhx-2018 diesel cetane number improver:

(1) it is obvious to improve the cetane number of diesel oil.

(2) the diesel blending technology is simple, and it has good intersolubility with diesel.

(3) reduce the emission of pollutants in automobile exhaust.

(4) improve diesel quality, add low cost and increase enterprise benefit.


Five. Action mechanism of hzhx-2018 diesel cetane number improver:

Fuel combustion process in diesel engines is short and complex physical and chemical process, can make a continuous combustion process is divided into four different stages, namely the ignition delay period, rapid combustion period, slow burning period and complementary combustion period. The period from the beginning of the diesel fuel injection to the beginning of the fire is called the period of stagnation, and only 0. 7 ~ 3ms. Although the combustion period is short, it has a decisive influence on the performance of the engine. The longer the delay period, the more diesel oil accumulates in the cylinder, and the pressure and temperature in the cylinder will rise sharply as soon as it enters the ignition phase, causing the engine to work violently and even the cylinder phenomenon. The higher the cetane number of diesel, the shorter the ignition period. Therefore, increasing the fuel's cetane number is beneficial to shorten the combustion period.

Cetane modifier is a compound with relatively poor thermal stability, which can be decomposed to produce active free radicals at low temperature. After adding cetane number improver, due to the participation of free radicals make fuel even at low temperature can occur oxidation reaction, and reaction speed, makes the combustion delay period shorten, apparent improves the fuel cetane number.

The action mechanism of HZHX-2018 diesel oil cetane number.

ROOR + 2RO (thermal decomposition)

R, R, + aldehyde, or ketone (beta - fracture)

R, '+ O2,

WR 'OO...

(plus reaction with O2; Promoting free radical chain reaction)


Sixth, use method

(1) prior to the use of the product, the company's technical personnel shall check and evaluate the compatibility of various on-site equipment of the customer. In general, the new cetane number improver is compatible with most of the equipment currently available in the refinery for mixing, distribution and delivery.

(2) for a new type of cetane number improver should be diluted add to the diesel, the new type of cetane number improver and hydrocracking diesel oil according to certain proportion into the tank after fully mixed, with the new type of cetane number improver solution, and then according to the proportion of the configuration solution to diesel. (mainly considering harmonic uniformity and security)

(3) additive flow chart:

Huazhi Chemical New Materials


Seven, product quality

Acceptance by relevant standards (signing technical association).


Eight, packaging specifications

Polyethylene packaging or tank car packed in 160.


Nine,Storage and transportation and precautions.

1. Store in a cool and well-ventilated space, warehouse temperature 30 ℃.

Keep away from fire and heat. It should be stored separately from acids, reductants, inflammables, combustibles, reductants and so on.

3. The lighting ventilation and other facilities in storage are explosion-proof, and the switch is located outdoors.

4. Handle with care when handling, prevent damage of packaging and container, avoid impact and vibration, and pay attention to personal protection when packing and handling work.

5. Please read this plant "safety technical specification (MSDS)" carefully when storing and using this product.


Ten, fire protection

1. This product may be violently decomposed due to heat, and it will burst into fire. A small number of small products should be quickly put out by foam or dry powder fire extinguishers.

2. The fire should be quickly removed to the safe distance and saved by the water pistol, informing the fire department to deal with it.

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