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Ester diesel oil anti wear agent

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1.chemical product and company identification

Product Name: ester diesel anti wear agent (HZ-101)

Name of the enterprise:Dongying HuaZhi Now Chemical Materials

Address: Chen Zhuang Industrial Park in Shandong city of Dongying province Lijin County

Emergency telephone: 0546-6079755

Effective date: 2017.1.12


2.composition/information on ingredients

Chemical composition: fatty acid esters and their derivatives 100%


3.haxards summarizing

Hazardous categories: flammable, low toxic

Invasion pathways: by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact intrusion into the human body

Health hazard: slight

Environmental hazards: slight

Explosion hazard: None


4.first-aid measures

Skin contact: immediately remove contaminated clothing, as soon as possible with water or wipe with a cloth, and then wash with detergent

Eye contact: immediately flush with plenty of water, and then wash with detergent, the situation is serious to see a doctor

Inhalation: move the patient to the fresh air of the air immediately.

Ingestion: rinse mouth with water as much as possible to cause vomiting, and then eat a lot of milk or water, serious when to see a doctor measures

Hazardous characteristics: flash point (open) index greater than 160℃, the measured value is usually at 160℃ ~190℃, flammable, high temperature combustion gas is generated CO2/NO2/H2O

Extinguishing agent: carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder and other fuel oil used as a fire extinguishing agent

Fire extinguishing method: first to evacuate irrelevant personnel, fire fighters wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus, the use of all products of the fire extinguishing methods, such as dry powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers. Can not use water to extinguish fire.


6.accidental release measures

Emergency treatment: first cut off the fire source, a large number of leaks to use as soon as possible to use the suction pump leakage of waste material recovery into the bucket, and then focus on processing. A small amount of leakage can be absorbed by sawdust and sand, and then sent to industrial waste or landfill. A small amount of leakage in the cement on the ground, can be washed with water and detergent, waste water into the industrial wastewater treatment. Storage area should be equipped with a proper amount of empty barrels, in order to install leakage, reduce the discharge of water to the water.

Personnel protection: emergency handling personnel should wear protective clothing, protective gloves (latex), protective glasses, breathing apparatus


7.handling and storage

Operation disposal:

1) operators should wear chemical safety goggles, wear anti penetration work clothes and protective gloves. Working environment to enhance ventilation, to avoid a large number of inhalation of steam. Keep away from the fire source, the working environment is strictly prohibited. When handling light light unloading, packaging to prevent damage.

2) when using the maximum allowable heating temperature of 90℃.

3) product freezing point are often below 16 ℃degrees, storage temperature is lower than - 2℃, viscous or solid precipitation, before use should be heated to melt, the packaging barrel shake well then poured out for use. Under normal circumstances, the solidification of the product at 0~20 degrees for a period of time, the product can completely melt, the solidification of products and then melt, does not affect the use of performance. Can use the drying room, steam and other indirect heating methods.

4) typical products flash point (opening) of 180 ℃, but is usually higher than 50 ℃ temperature storage, open the lid and poured, may there will be overflowing steam, should pay attention to the safety of operation.

5) pour or use pump, need to clean empty barrels, so as not to waste.

Storage: the product is stored in 200 liter drums, ensure the sealing, prevent water. Placed in a cool ventilated place, avoid long-term exposure, away from fire, away from the acid and alkali, oxidizing substance.


8.exposure controls/personal protection

In the course of operation, the operator should wear chemical safety goggles, work clothes and protective gloves. Working environment to enhance ventilation, to avoid a large number of inhalation of steam. Keep away from the fire source, the working environment is strictly prohibited. When handling light light unloading, packaging to prevent damage.


9.physical and chemical properties

Physical properties:



Analysis method


light yellow to amber liquid

eye test




Flash point (opening),     not less than



Freezing  poin       not higher than


GB/T 510


This product is oil soluble, for improving lubricity of low sulfur diesel. This product is a typical flash point of 180℃, no explosion.


10.stability and reactivity

Stability: under normal storage conditions remain stable, and then melt in winter, does not affect the performance of the product

Avoid contact with: acid and alkali, oxidant, fire and heat

Prohibition of distribution: no foreseen

Aggregation hazard: does not occur

Decomposition: CO2/NO2/H2O and other gases and organic solvents


11.toxicological information

Hazardous toxicity: very low

Carcinogenic: no data

Irritation: a slight odor


12.ecological information

Ecological toxicity: a large number of leakage will penetrate the soil, pollution of groundwater

Biological enrichment or biological accumulation: no data

Biodegradation: biodegradation in soil

Non biological degradation: by evaporation and dissolution



Waste material: as residual products

Waste disposal: do not discharge water can be discharged into the waste oil, fuel oil, fuel oil when burned. Any emissions must conform to the national / local regulations.

Packaging and handling: empty barrels should be sealed, properly stored, to prevent leakage of residual product environment pollution. Empty barrels of long-term outdoor exposure, the steam is easy to fill in the bucket, when the cover is opened to the attention of the steam jet cuts suddenly. Empty barrels should be concentrated recycling, you can use a small amount of diesel oil, solvent oil, and then use; also can be used with detergent water cleaning, and then clean water, and then air dry and then use.


14.transport information

Can be used in iron drums, tons of bottled and tanker transport. Typical products flash point (open) 180℃, belonging to the class D chemicals, according to the general non dangerous petrochemical products handling, transport.


15.regulatory information

Dangerous Chemicals Safety Management Ordinance (promulgated by the State Council on 26 January 2002) and workplace safety use chemical regulations ([1996] labor department is sent No. 423) and other laws and regulations, safe use for dangerous chemicals, production, storage, transportation, loading and unloading the corresponding provisions.

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