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Huazhi Chemical takes “developing high quality of new type oil chemical additives and chemical products” as its mission, “unity, innovation, integrity and harmony” as its enterprise spirit, to make it a modern chemical enterprise winning trust of customers, social respect and full of value and social influence. The company is willing to work with colleagues from all social circles to jointly create beautiful future of the world's oil chemical industry.

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Significant progress in industrial application of domestic diesel lubricity improver
Huazhi Chemical New Materials Sinopec News Network Reporter Zhou Bing reports: Recently, Yantai Petrochemical and Shikeyuan jointly developed the domestic diesel lubricity improver JT16-1 for low sulf
What are the performance characteristics of gasoline antiknock agents?
This article describes the performance characteristics of gasoline antiknock agents. Gasoline antiknock agents can be classified into different types according to their chemical properties. Currently,
Warmly celebrate the official website of Dongying Huazhi Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. is coming soon, welcome to visit! !
The company is located in industrial park of Lijin Chenzhuang Town in Dongying city, and it is a new high-tech enterprise with the capacity of production, development and sales of petrochemical indust
Product specification of new-type gasoline antiknock
With the development of economy, environment is getting worse and public environment consciousness is continuously strengthening. Due to this, a large number of policies and regulations are put forwar
Product instruction of diesel fuel lubricity improver
Ⅰ. Research background of diesel fuel lubricity improver In the early 1990 s, with the improvement of refined degree of diesel, sulfide content was required to be lower and lower, accidents of rapid w
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